Requirements and Business Practices

Please note the following:

Due to the professional nature of the position and business, you must have experience writing. No beginners, please. Although previous publication experience is an asset, it is not a strict requirement as long as you have strong romance or erotica-writing skills.

Please note that your titles will be available online only, as ebooks. No physical books will be printed. It will be under the publisher’s unique brand and/or a pen name.

We also provide all publishing-related services, such as editing (for spelling, grammar and story/character), cover design, formatting, marketing. You just worry about getting the writing done.

Benefits of being a writer:
1. Make passive income. We are still making royalties off books that we wrote and published over 4 years ago. Create the product once and make money off it over and over again.
2. Just write. As your publisher, we are responsible for all the necessary but less exciting administrative parts of publishing.
3. Be published! Everyone wants to be published. Now’s your chance, provided you have solid writing skills.
4. Position security. Unless people stop reading, they will always need new content to read.

We are looking forward to forming a mutually beneficial partnership with you. We like to operate as a community of book-lovers and also as a family, so you will find that we are quite friendly, supportive and passionate about our work and our authors.


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